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Corporate culture

Heidelberg Cement India started its operation in the year 2006. Company has grown through acquiring three companies in the same year. As these companies came together we also acquired three different cultures.We consider employee diversity as a success factor, bringing along numerous strengtha and skill sets. However, we felt the need to identify and develop a “Mycem” culture which unites its people in one common thread.

Our vision is to be the most admired cement company in India and to be an employer of choice. Sharing the same passion, every employee works with entrepreneurial spirit to bring it to fruition.

foremost value that drives the organisation is Safety of our people. In the last four to five years The we have taken several inroads into improvement of our safety programmes, starting with daily and hourly safety meets and inspections. There are several trainings and public displays of programs to give impetus to safety in the organisation.

HCIL believes strongly in all parameters of Corporate Governance. We have several programmes that ensure compliances of country laws, rules and regulations. Ethical conduct is an unwritten rule. Any deviation is dealt with severity through our whistle blower policy.

Transparency, Integrity, openness, honesty and reliability form the basis for our action. We are focussed on Employee Development through acquisition of the right talent, nurturing and developing their talents and providing them with challenging roles and responsibilities with stretch as hallmark. Training and development becomes an integral part of the system, wherein we use external and internal resources and encourage knowledge sharing.

As a performance oriented company, our priorities are comprehensive efficiency, strong customer orientation, sustainable profitability and profit – oriented growth. Our Transparent PMS Processensures that performance standards are met.

Through Continuous Improvement in our products and services, we make sure that we inspire confidence in our customers, internal as well as external.

We believe in taking responsibility for our Community and environment. We make focussed improvement in the field of Environment Protection. We take conscious steps at our locations to Development the Community around. We pursue a reputation of good corporate citizenship and support local projects in line with the established themes of building, environment and education.

Successful, active and trustful working partnership is based on timely and Comprehensive Communication and Information sharing. We encourage an open flow of information within the entire organisation, through communication meetings, lunch with HR, open houses across all locations.

Various teambuilding exercise and out bound trainings are designed to encourage the same. Chain is as strong as its weakest link. We at Heidelberg Cement India strongly believe in Teamwork, we form cross functional teams for any developmental project to get different perspectives and work with a common interest in mind.

The above embody the basic principles of integrated, harmonious work environment with focus on long term sustainable growth of employees and the organisation.


For details about Corporate culture, refer to “OUR LEADERSHIP PRINCIPALS”